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We've relocated to Westeros! (Tales from the Rabbit Hole #3)

April 08, 2014
♫ Dun Dun Dun Dun Dun Dun Dun Dun Dun ♫ 
There are some weeks in Westeros where shit gets crazy. White walkers, dragons, who's even on the Iron Throne (also a Throne made out of swords. Thanks but no thanks. My supply of pants can't take that.)? Some weeks at House EarthSeaWarrior in that far away fantastical land of Brooklyn, headless bodies lie on one end of the table (Ned Stark, anyone, or too soon?), bodiless heads on the opposite end (I won't say it but...), and inexplicably baby octopi swimming around in the sink (the sigil of House EarthSeaWarrior). There are other weeks when the EarthSeaWarrior team arms itself in a quad-Mac formation and faces the enemies that perch on the border of our land that is our online sites. And on most weeks, all this is happening at once. Recently, those have been every weeks.
This week, the EarthSeaWarrior team goes around the world (take that Jules Verne) through the Internet, of course, (I would’ve preferred the air balloon or dragons) for business research. Spring is coming (thank god it's not winter, literally) and with it EarthSeaWarrior is defrosting from its White Walker state and into Emilia Clarke (because Mother of Dragons and definitely not a zombie). In other words, it's that dreaded time of the year, spring cleaning. 

Why is Dragonoxx freaking out?

"No Mommy I don't want to be a dragon!"

Despite some protests, Ursula emerges from the fire with her fearsome fire breathing dragon, Noxx >:)~
While Google whirls me through the Internet, paint splatters and fire sparks opposite of me, because exciting things are going down at House EarthSeaWarrior.
What is it? Preparations for our very own Red Wedding (hit me up for an invite, it's going to be killer), mass production of wildfire, direwolves? You all can ask Jon Snow. (He might know nothing.) Or he might show up at a Mac Miller concert...

Yup, that's Kit Harington (who introduced himself to us as Jon Snow ;))

Till the next episode of Tales From then Rabbit Hole/House of EarthSeaWarrior...






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