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EarthSeaWarrior was born from the mind of Ursula, the Sea Witch Warrior. When Ursula was small, close encounters with bizarre toys planted the seeds that grew into the freaky-cool creations she sells today. The empty space of her Brooklyn loft made room for her to reclaim vintage "ugly ducklings" and refurbish them into beautiful swans. On a trip through Mayan Cenote caves, Ursula encountered alien air plants, psychic crystals, sacrificial waters, and the Mayan spirits who sparked her warrior fire and guided her to create art.

Following her 2009 trip to the Mayan Cenotes, the hurrier Ursula went, the behinder she got, so she imagined a world where "nothing was impossible—simply impassable"—and set forth to find her Tribe throughout 2010. Members have come and gone as it’s been do-or-die here in The Warrshop, hammering together a team of battle-ready Warriorz who are quick on their feet, strong under pressure, and hungry like an octopus (not easy to find...sort of like unicorns). Ursula’s continuous reinvestment in the company inspires us every day to invest in ourselves, paying with our blood, sweat, and tears to share the magic we create.

To meet the rising demand for our one-of-a-kind products, Mama EarthSeaWarrior grew and grew our subsidiary brand, ESW2 multiples of our EarthSeaWarrior quality and unique aesthetic. It's squared because we have dreams of exponential growth and we believe what we make has the potential to measure up to other designs in an industry of innovators.

The first product we created under the ESW2 brand is Tushiez. Tushiez came to life after sensory overexposure to Alice In Wonderland and The Wall imprinted in Ursula's brain and art started imitating life... imitating art. Under the influence of technicolor rage, she cried "off with their heads!" and smashed the heads off all of her German bisque dolls. Her favorite was all butt, and it seemed symbolic, considering our founding Warriorz used to work for a "booty magazine." Ursula soon realized that everyone would want one of these cute little buttz, and we are working hard everyday to bring our Tushiez to the globe. Though we’re seriously trying hard to grow up, we still laugh at inappropriate jokes, play with our toys, and make it rain glitter.

Producing on a larger scale doesn't mean we don't take it all personally. We touch everything before we ship it, and it comes straight from our studio to your door! We're a close-knit team of five witchy warrior fairies, armed with two dogs and a music mogul husband. We sit at one table, the loft has zero walls, and we work our asses off to deliver the same high quality and 5-star customer service that built the EarthSeaWarrior brand.

We have big plans to someday bring more products to the people with ESW2 our one-of-a-kind items at EarthSeaWarrior that you already know and love. We're a funny place and sometimes it feels like we're full of contradictions, but adolescence is all about figuring out who you are. If you think we're hot stuff now, just stick around... we only get better with age.


Colorful Hands
Warrshop Lights
Puppy Noxx
Rabbit Hole


"SeaBawseWitch Warrior"

OG Mgmt
"Ruca Warrior"

Ecommerce Director
"Chuck Warrior"

Studio Assistant Mgmt
"Cookie Warrior"

Product Design/Development
"Lisa Left Eye Warrior"

Graphic Design Intern
"Shico Warrior"

So Fresh, So Clean
"Mr.Clean Warrior"