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Product Image Air Plant Crystal Garden Pink Stillbite India Mineral Cluster with Air Plant

Air Plant Crystal Garden - Pink Stillbite India Mineral Cluster

$40.00 USD

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Inspired by what nature would look like on other planets, this Stillbite Crystal Cluster has a LIVE Air Plant living right beside it.

This India Crystal takes on the color of pink cotton candy, not edible but deliciously beautiful to look at *) This crystal has tiny jagged edged crystal quartz coming out in opposite angles intertwining within each other to make this cotton candy city!

Crystal is shiny and translucent in some places and can reflect little rainbows when held to light.

The Air Plant sits right beside this Pink India Crystal adding a pop of green color to this blush colored piece.


  • Crystal garden measures approx 3"L x 2"W x 2"H w/ air plant
  • Stilbite is a commonly found zeolite, that forms nice crystals inside the bubbles and fisures of volcanic rocks that have undergone a small amount of metamorphism. tilbite has a delicate quality, gently expanding a sense of self and beyond into the astral realm. This is a powerful stone that brings a calming influence and has been used to assist in restful sleep and vivid dreaming. It brings inner peace during meditation.
  • Air Plants, also known as Tillandsia, are very low maintenance. They don't require soil to grow, only moderate light, proper air flow and a good soak every week.
  • A FREE 4oz bottle of ESW Air Plant Fertilizer is included with purchase!
  • Detailed care instructions will be sent with purchase. 
  • Air Plant is permanently attached to this mineral and both can be bathed together when watered.
  • Gift wrap included. 



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