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Tales from the Rabbit Hole #6 - Summer Birthday Babez

July 24, 2014

Warrshop Soundtrack of the Day: The likes of B.o.B. + Jack White + TV on the Radio + Yeah Yeah Yeahs to name a few…true audio eclectic!!! 

Introducing our newest OOAK…me, The Marco Warrior!! ;p

Today is an extra warm Brooklyn summer day and as I write, the breeze swerves through the warrshop while my fellow warriors dance with the aspects of EarthSeaWarrior that they dance with best…you can literally feel the energy bouncing off of every surface here. It’s no wonder the team has managed to cultivate such a diamond in the rough.

It’s been one lunar cycle since I started working at this actually factually one-of-a-kind e-shop!! Time here thus far has been a walk down the yellow brick road guided by the hanging pendant lights in our warrshop, which illuminate the many creations that have come to life on the work table below…and eventually found themselves sprinkled across the globe!

Having arrived by flying carpet in between exciting projects of epic proportions, I can honestly say that the world of EarthSeaWarrior is both playfully tantalizing in the way it spews utter magic out of every nook and cranny…and undeniably intoxicating!!
After an early couple of weeks in July of fun-filled adventures (my and Ursula's birthday bashes that included electric heat storm gazing and roller coaster riding), EarthSeaWarrior is getting ready to close the summer with a bow of satisfaction by celebrating the 1st birthday of our beloved Tushiez!!
This August will mark one year since the conception of the Tushiez was born, which makes for a really exciting moment in time for ESW!! (see incredible first prototype made by Little Finger below!) 


It was last weekend that I finally felt worthy of having a tangible piece of EarthSeaWarrior in my bohemian nest a few neighborhoods away. I chose none other than a simple n’ sweet small Tushie- what I felt was a true salute to the ever-evolving EarthSeaWarrior spirit ;)

The Marco 






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