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What are Tushiez?

Tushiez are little adorably inappropriate dolls that can be appropriately used in your home or office space; the possibilities are impossibly endless! The more time you spend with our Tushiez, the more you'll love them. Tushiez make for excellent and decorative companions :)

We currently offer Tushiez in porcelain. Tushiez™ is a subsidiary brand of EarthSeaWarrior, LLC that houses our multiplied designs. 

How did Tushiez?

The first Tushiez was born in early 2012. The original antique collection came to life after our founding Warrior, Ursula, experienced sensory overload to Alice In Wonderland and Pink Floyd’s The Wall. Both had been imprinted on her brain, and art started imitating life... imitating art. Under the influence of technicolor rage, she cried "off with their heads!" and smashed the heads off all of her old German bisque dolls, creating her first EarthSeaWarrior collection titled “Alice in the Wall.” 

In the Summer of 2013, a magical girl with stubby thumbs entered The Warrshop ( our Brooklyn Headquarters where no doll actually has a head ), and Ursula immediately renamed her “Little Finger.” Little Finger was born in China and visited the US in search of artistic inspiration. Upon her arrival, Little Finger fell madly in love with our headless dolls and took on the mission of helping them grow into what we now refer to as "Tushiez."

The Tushiez quickly took on a life of their own and we soon realized that everyone would want one of these cute little buttz. Our mission was to send our Little Finger back to China to oversee and manufacture the buttz in larger quantities, with the same handcrafted integrity and care as our one of a kind originals. Our Little Finger Warrior succeeded in her journey, and production came to life at her Uncle's ceramics factory.

As demand for Tushiez quickly grew, we increased our production in order to bring more Tushiez to the globe, achieve a more sustainable business model, and allow the brand to stand on its own two feetz.

Where are Tushiez?

Inspired by both the catchy design and widespread success of EarthSeaWarrior’s notorious “headless dollz,” Tushiez have become ESW's first multiple-produced and bestselling product.

Today, with a new team and a new mission at the headless HQ, we are currently reimagining our manufacturing process and all of its possibilities.

We used our Tushiez brand to utilize Fund on Etsy, a pilot program similar to Kickstarter, and explore mediums that we had yet to conquer and push the limits of what we could do with our product. Our Tushiez Popz were born, and 5,000 ephemeral bootiez marched into the world, warriorz of the manufacturing process and funded by our fanz on Etsy. Our first Popz platoon are selling out on our e-commerce partner sitez quickly, so lick us while you can.

We. Are. EXCITED! 

We are currently prototyping our largest creation yet, more information on our upcoming product launch can be found on our ESW Blog.


Hashtag #Tushiez and show them off here!