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What is Warrior the Fvck Up?

Movement. Mantra. Lifestyle.

The message is simple, the task is a blindfolded and complex journey.

WTFU is a saying that calls to ones inner strength, because we all need a reminder that we are survivors, true warriors, and the warrior spirit will keep us going. 

Why Warrior the Fvck Up?

Everybody’s got their own shit. Here’s a little piece of ours….

Our "Warrshop" located in the heart of “Do or Die Bed Stuy,” is where our tribe faces the everyday struggles of a small business. From working in close quarters, through late hours, without any investors or their monies, to finding the right tribe, and stepping totally outside our comfort zones to learn how to produce -- we’ve spent the past 4 years giving blood, sweat and tears for everything we do. We do it all ourselves and we take the hits and the glories. Plus we have ghost problems.

Though we have a lot of fun here brewing magic, most people don’t think about the other side of the business where sometimes we have to remind one another: Warrior the Fvck Up, we’ve got a long battle road ahead.

As we journey through, we have found unexpected inspiration behind this statement that we’ve been telling one another within the Warrshop walls. So, we decided to use it creatively and let our spirit invest in ourselves and in our next project. Warrior the Fvck Up was founded by EarthSeaWarrior to encourage the message that we can all live and embody a warrior. We created a brand that each one of us wants to wear, drink, play, build, breath, bathe, sleep, and represent our warriorness.

From a single postcard to a full product assortment, the idea not only grew within us but all around us. We did what we do best here at ESW - we started making things, breaking things, and making more things.

Who is Warrior The Fvck Up?

It's within all of our inner spirits.
It's an embodiment.
It's not the ability to fight,
but rather the strength to choose your battles.

Hashtag #WarriorTheFvckUp and show off your Instavcks here!