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Product Image Cranky No Play Baby Vintage Bisque Doll Air Plant Garden

Cranky No Play Baby - Bisque Doll Air Plant Garden

$375.00 USD

I'm one of a kind...get me before I'm gone!

From ESW's Creepy Cute Collection is this OOAK creation that can only be explained with a scary story.

*Cranky No Play Baby* was tired of all the other kids not letting him play with them. "They are mean mean bullies!" he would say to his imaginary friend. Then one day... as he was playing in a cemetery, his *imaginary friend* came up with a sadistically genius idea. The following day *Cranky* cleverly lured the neighborhood kids one by one, telling them he saw a "REAL ghost!". The kids curiously followed him to the cemetery. Its there where his *imaginary friend* helped chop them up into pieces and buried them... along with CrankyBaby himself (who was still ALIVE!).. leaving all their heads and body parts beneath him. So now... Here Lies *Cranky No Play Baby* with his FOREVER friendly play friends.

Also, growing from his eye... is a LIVE Myosura Air Plant! (which we like to refer to as his *imaginary friend*)


  • Cemetery Jar measures 6.5"H x 3" D
  • Doll head measures approx 3"L x 2.5"W x 2"H
  • Cranky Baby is made from bisque and has exceptional detail in all his features.... Especially that pouty mean mouth!
  • The back of the doll head is marked "Uiame Angus 1990".
  • Glass Jar is filled with bits and pieces of authentic German Bisque Dolls. They are buried in black moss and sealed in with Cranky Baby's head.
  • Air Plants, also known as Tillandsia, are very low maintenance. They don't require soil to grow, only moderate light, proper air flow and a good soak every week.
  • Detailed care instructions will be sent with purchase.
  • A FREE 4oz bottle of ESW Air Plant Fertilizer is included with purchase!
  • Air Plant is not permanently attached and can be removed for watering when needed... or water them together!


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