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Coming Attractionz: Introducing Rocky, Our New Giant Tushiez Prototype

November 26, 2015
Here at the WarrShop a lot goes into building the perfect bod for our Tushiez brand. 
Tushiez has been growing and evolving over the last two years and we are currently in the process of conquering the largest Tush to date. The possibilities for these Rocky (Horror Picture Show NOT Balboa) size Tushiez are endless, as you know there are already So Many Wayz To Love Us !

The magnitude of this Tush is something we had yet to create, BUT go big or go home, RIGHT?

So lifelike and scrumptious, Rocky got itself flagged and removed from Instagram for this risqué Kim Kardashian inspired pose:


The two foot elephant in the room has been slowly becoming more and more a part of the team. From the armature model to a magical mummified cake Tushie, it’s life has been the focal point of the WarrShop, glimmering in the lights like the firm young booty it is.

IMG_2499  IMG_2540 

Dallas had the task of lovingly creating our beloved Rocky, a Tushie that we feared may quite literally break the mold. After building the base and sculpting out this perfect model frankenbooty, the model was made into a mold using a very convenient "drake-pink" silicone. A “mother” mold was made to keep the angelic, whimsical (flimsy) baby mold in place which created a wonderfully festive mummy booty.

Now that we have gotten that out of the way, please enjoy this montage of Dallas in different stages of "Handsome & Concentrating"...

The WarrShop can’t contain itself around young Rocky and has been acting out by excitedly flickering lights, knocking cables and other oddities off their shelves and general hocus pocus. A spooky yet welcomed response to our new creation, to put it simply-the house is aroused.
IMG_3111 IMG_3137
Stay tuned for the unveiling of Rocky, I hope the suspense of what lies beneath this 100% American made and biodegradable cake booty has you drooling. I'll leave you with these two videos of fellow Tushiez enthusiasts Rihanna and Robert Crumb to give you a nice dose of buttz to tide you over.









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