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Product Image 10% SALE Antique Doll Alice Tail and Cheshire Cat Tail Air Plant Garden Game

10% SALE Antique Doll Alice Tail and Cheshire Cat Tail Air Plant Garden Game

$58.50 USD $65.00 USD

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From ESW's creepy cute collection inspired by Pink Floyd's "The Wall" with a dose of Alice in Wonderland's twisted world is this Antique Japan Bisque Doll Body with a baby pup Air Plant tail! This ESW creepy cute collection has been named "Alice in The Wall".

This young little Alice has met with the Cheshire Cat and took it upon himself to play games with little Alice by giving her an Air Plant tail!

Alice stands in a little innocent position and is having fun with Cheshire Cats tricks, she can easily shoe away the cat with her swinging arms, but she is having too much fun ,)


  • Alice measures approx. 2.5"H
  • Alice has slight significant signs of aging and aesthetic distress which gives her more character
  • The back of little Alice states "JAPAN"
  • Her face is filled with cute detailing, from red lips to curly blonde hair
  • Air Plants, also known as Tillandsia, are very low maintenance. They don't require soil to grow, only moderate light, proper air flow and a good soak every week
  • A FREE 4oz bottle of ESW Air Plant Fertilizer is included with purchase!
  • Detailed care instructions will also be sent with purchase
  • Alice's tail is not permanently attached can can be removed from under her pink paper material dress, and can be watered separately from Alice



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